Won’t you take me to… Choco Town…

Get ready to immerse yourself in a sweet wonderland when Choco Town in Dubai Studio City and a secret location in Ibn Battuta opens its doors. The destinations will be the ultimate candyland for sweet treat fans, and it is one town you don’t want to skip.

Step aside Willy Wonka, people won’t be turning into a giant blueberry here. Instead, visitors will be able to immerse in the ultimate candyland at the chocolate haven. The sweet wonderland will be a delicious sight to behold and visitors of all ages are welcomed, so take the little ones or go with mates and release your inner child.

At the moment, dates are yet to be announced but sign up here to be the first to know. Tickets will cost Dhs80 per person.

So, what’s inside?

There are various stops throughout your journey in Choco Town. The flavourful village includes the Choco & Sons Butcher Shop, The BonBon Boulevard and the Gummy Bear Spa where you can enjoy a cotton candy perm.

You will even learn about the yummy candy and chocolate and about the town first-hand via interactions with the ‘locals’, and of course, will be able to enjoy all the confections you can imagine.

Throughout your tour of the town, you can even play games, solve riddles and get plenty of sweet photos for your Instagram.

While you wait for Choco Town to set, enjoy some of Fever Up’s other incredible events. A one-of-a-kind evening titled Candlelight in L’Alliance Francaise is coming up taking place on November 19 and 20 at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm. The show will last over an hour. Ticket prices start from Dhs120 per person and can be purchased here. You can keep up to date with other candlelight concerts by visiting @candlelight.concerts

Images: Social and Unsplash