Cruelty free-pizza, don’t mind if we dough…

PizzaExpress is 57 this year, and rather than endangering their hygiene certificate by asking you to blow out the candles on a big pizza pie, they have a very different sort of indulgence for you.

It’s a present that, in reality, has more in common with the fact that they’re only, a much more spritely, 22 in the UAE. The joy of unwrapping will be of particular pleasure to our friends in the plant-based living community, as this gift is 22 brand new completely vegan menu items.

These new dishes bolster an already substantial plant-based showing on the menu, and if you’d like a quick kitchen tour around what’s new — hold on to your demonstrably lower levels of cholesterol, we’re about to dive in.

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Meat-free feast

There’s pizza of course, but it’s not all about that base — there are options for cruelty-free dining across all the traditional core three courses.

You can dip into such face-free-food starters as dough balls al forno or beetroot and feta salad. New meat-free pizza and pasta options include the American Jack and the spicy spaghetti piccante. Where cheese is used here, it’s all of course that now ‘almost indistinguishable from the real thing’ dairy free stuff that just makes you feel so much better about your choices.

And then there’s the desserts — put your forks down, and pick those spoons up for a super chill selection of vegan ice creams. Frozen flavour experiences  line up under chocolate and coconut; and acai berries and banana.

This new dough-awn can be experienced at PizzaExpress locations across the UAE, or by the snacking convenience of delivery, now. A piece of local vegan food news that will take some topping this week.

Hit up to find your closest restaurant or to start your order experience.

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