Not long till kick-off…

The highly anticipated World Cup is almost here and there is an abundance of match-day shuttle flights that can get you between the UAE and Doha, Qatar.

This means all World Cup ticket holders can travel between Dubai and Doha, watch their match, and come home – all within 24 hours.

Here is all the information you need on your match day shuttle flights.

World Cup Shuttle Flights flydubai

Which airlines are flying from the UAE?

Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Qatar Airways are offering match-day shuttle flights.

Be sure to note that most of these flights are non-refundable and in order to qualify as a shuttle flight return ticket, your return flight must be booked within 24 hours.

Fly Dubai is offering flights between Monday, November 21 to Monday, December 19 from Dubai to Doha.

Qatar Airways is offering flights from Monday, November 21 and Saturday, December 3, from Dubai.

Air Arabia is offering flights from Monday, November 21 to Sunday, December 18, from Sharjah to Doha.

How much are the flight tickets? Depending on your chosen airline, shuttle flights will vary, but most economy flights start at USD258 (approximately Dhs950) with business class tickets setting you back USD998 (approximately Dhs3,670).

These prices do not include check-in baggage, but all airlines allow you to take carry-on luggage (varies per airline between a 7kg and 14kg allowance). So, be sure to only pack your essentials to avoid any unwanted costs.

If you really want check-in luggage, pick from FlyDubai or Qatar Airways, but you’ll have to pay an additional cost.

What time should I book my arrival and return?

It’s recommended to arrive four hours before your match and to book a return for at least four hours after your match finishes.

What will I need to board my flight and enter Qatar?

To enter Qatar, the stadiums and to board your match-day shuttle flight you will need a Hayya card. This will also give you access to free public transport in Doha, allowing you to use the Doha metro which will take you directly to one of the eight stadiums from Hamad International Airport.

For more information about travelling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, visit this link here.

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