Can you solve the mystery?

Calling all Sherlock Holmes of Dubai! There are many things to do on the scariest night of the year, but this murder mystery cruise experience sounds really ‘ghoul’. 

The Murder Mystery Experience has not one, but two special Halloween dinner cruises lined up this month on Friday, October 21 and 22.

Your night will be packed with frights, intrigue and plenty of fun as you and your mates try to crack a case, aka… catch the killer.  Oh, and you’ll do this all while tucking into some tasty grub.

The two themes centre around different worlds so pick carefully or if you’re brave enough, you can have a go at both. Both experiences include a hot buffet dinner on a three-hour cruise. But don’t forget, you also have to interrogate the suspects. If you do solve the mystery, there will be a special reward. 

Your journey begins at Dubai Harbour.

Here’s a synopsis of the Halloween-themed murder mystery cruises. 

Friday, October 21- Fear Asylum

When a prisoner transportation mission to a criminal asylum escalates into bedlam, it is clear that there is a killer running amok with a taste for murder and mischief. 

You’ll have to work with your team to work out who the culprit is before all hell breaks loose. This thriller sounds intense. 

Saturday, October 22 – Zombie Fever


Fan of zombie-themed films? Well, you’ll find yourself in the midst of it with this murder mystery cruise. When a sudden zombie apocalypse has forced humanity to the brink of extinction, you join a survival party on a mission in search of salvation. But it’s not just the living dead you have to deal with. 

Amongst the battles for leadership and shocking revelations, you will have to be prepared for a zombie attack at any time. Be prepared for a night of shocks and surprises.

Sound exciting? Tickets are Dhs276 per person and are available directly through For more information call the team on 058 592 0797 or reach out to them on Instagram @themurdermysteryexperience

Images: Supplied and Unsplash