UAE residents rejoice…

The Palm Monorail is a handy way to swerve the traffic and zip from the tail end of the Palm at Gateway Station up to Aquaventure at Atlantis, The Palm – with stops along the way at destinations like Al Ittihad Park and Nakheel Mall along the 5.5km route. But now there’s a new station to hop off at – The Pointe – making it an affordable new way to get to this dining destination.


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So, why is this such a big deal?

 Well, for one it’s going to be a lot cheaper for visitors who are heading to this bustling part of the Palm. The impressive expanse of 1.4 million square feet is home to a multitude of entertainment centres including gyms, salons and cinemas as well as several popular dining establishments and bars.

And of course, visitors can’t leave without checking out The Palm Fountain – Guinness World record holder for the largest fountain in the world. It measures a whopping 7327-meters square.

About The Palm Jumeirah Monorail

The monorail opened in 2009 and runs daily, commuting over a million passengers a year and boasts sustainability and a low ecological impact on its surroundings.

But that’s not all. The ride is a surreal experience, heightened by a soothing voice that informs travellers about the attractions they whizz past while soft music plays in the background. The music changes depending on the month, season and weather. Passengers will also be able to hear different sounds that reflect the concept of their destination. For example, chirping birds and rustling leaves can be heard on the journey from the Palm Gateway to Al Ittihad Park.

Timings and ticket information

Trains start at 9am and run until 10pm in 15-minute increments. Ticket prices range from Dhs10 to Dhs35 depending on the type of trip you make. This could be one-way, a round trip or an unlimited daily pass. Travellers can use their nol cards to make payments.