The campaign ‘Cheer in Dubai, cheer safely’ outlines the do’s and don’ts for visitors and residents…

As a month of football fever begins across the city, Dubai Police have highlighted the rules for football fans in Dubai. Under the campaign ‘Cheer in Dubai, cheer safely’, the force outlines how visitors and residents can make the most of the month of football while staying on the right side of the law.

In a welcome message, Dubai Police invite fans to “enjoy our city of tolerance and openness and take part in our thriving international community.” Across a 25-page guide, Dubai Police advise visitors and residents on the best ways to get around the city, where to stay, and where to watch all of the action unfold. There’s also recommendations of what to do outside of the World Cup, including checking out the impressive fleet of Dubai Police supercars, which will be on display at fan zones across the city, as well as at Al Maktoum international airport.

There are some public guidelines also outlined for fans to enjoy Dubai safely. For example, football fans are reminded to respect the privacy of others when taking photographs and preserve public property by not littering. Possessing or consuming alcohol in public places is prohibited, as is celebrations in non-designated areas. Smoke flares are also not allowed.

The document also reads, “Remember that you are in state of tolerance. As such, you must respect the State’s culture where the contempt of religions and all kinds of discrimination and political disputes are prohibited.”

The Dubai Police document also highlights that it is illegal to consume or distribute drugs, overt displays of affection should be avoided in public areas, and visiting unlicensed massage parlours is also prohibited.

You can check out the full Dubai Police document here, to familiarise yourself with all the important information.

Image: Facebook