Prompt payment is the key…

Abu Dhabi Police recently shared a schedule of how motorists can reduce the total charges of traffic fines that have been received within the last year. So if you’ve been guilty of not stopping at red light, or going full Max Verstappen after a green light — this could save you a tidy sum.

Payments made within 60 days will result in a significant 35 per cent off the total bill. Or for slightly later payments, between 60 days and one year — you can still enjoy a 25 per cent discount on fines.

Payments should be made on the website.

New limits

It’s worth noting that two Abu Dhabi roads have recently reduced their speed limits — the Abu Dhabi — Al Ain road, and the Al Qurm Street section of the Sheikh Zayed Road (E11).

What are the penalties for speeding in Abu Dhabi?

Penalties for speeding start at Dhs300 for speeds up to 20kph over the maximum limit, but can rise to Dhs3,000 with 23 black points and vehicle impound for 60 days for speeds in excess of 70kph over the limit.

Remember, in Abu Dhabi, there are no 20kph allowances on top of the stated limit.

Boxing clever

Abu Dhabi Police also issued a reminder for motorists to ensure they don’t get caught in the yellow intersection boxes when the traffic lights turn red. The penalty for this is Dhs500.

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