‘We have the most beautiful city in the world. Our next goal is to make Dubai’s countryside and its prairies the most fun and beautiful’ – Sheikh Mohammed…  

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has just approved plans for a number of exciting projects in the Dubai desert called Route 1.

The vast project will include areas such as Lehbab, Margham, Al Marmoom, Al Lisaili, Al Faqaa and Al Aweer. Each district will have its own distinct identity transforming it into a key tourist destination with fun and adventurous services and amenities.

During his visit to the Dunes Platform at Saih Al Salam, Sheikh Mohammed said, ‘Today, Dubai is the most beautiful city in the world. We also seek to make the rural areas of Dubai some of the most beautiful and enjoyable places (to visit).’

The comprehensive plan will take place over the next 20 years and is in line with the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 – a plan which seeks to transform Dubai into the world’s best city to live in.

Here’s what we know about the Saih Al Salam scenic route project 

Above: Map of Route 1 (Click on map to enlarge)

The Saih Al Salam Scenic Route, also known as the Route 1 project is a 100km-long road which aims to increase the number of activities, events and services that promote desert tourism.

It will include camps and lodges in the form of glass domes with panoramic windows offering views of the existing lakes in the area including Love Lakes and Lake of Expo.

There will be vertical balloons to get those picture-perfect aerial views plus kayaking. There will be a caravan park fitted with public facilities for caravans. Visitors will also be able to shop at souvenir shops and enjoy cafes close to the lakes.

The route will offer heritage trips to the ancient sites of Saruq Al-Hadid and Al Marmoom Heritage Village, and other experiences including horse and camel riding and desert walk. There will also be an outdoor cinema experience plus events and art exhibitions.

For adrenaline and sporty visitors, there will be initiatives such as sky diving, hot-air balloons, safari trips, sandboarding, and helicopter tours. A dedicated path will be built linking all tourist attractions and entertainment areas. It will connect to the existing cycling track at Al Qudra and Saih Al Salam.

Additionally, there will be direct bus trips from the main bus terminals from the city to these areas and designated zones for bicycles and scooters.

Images: Dubai Media Office