It’s not always sunny in parts of Arabia…

After yesterday’s wild weather in certain parts of the UAE (seriously, not a drop in Media City), residents were left with questions.

Will it rain again? Should I get my hair done or is it just going to end up soaked to my skull in that attractive Lego aesthetic? My car really needs a wash, but should I hold off because there’s a weather front of exfoliating desert scrub heading in from the East? And can I, in all good conscience, order lunch and send a driver out on a delivery errand that may require Jason Bourne-level driving proficiency?

We have partial, accuracy-of-forecast-dependent answers to some of these questions and more. The overview is ‘eh, maybe hold off for a day or two’.

Long may it rain

The latest news from the stat-loving sky boffins at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) is — there’s a chance of convective cloud formation, at least for today, possibly tomorrow, and with it, the chance of more rain. The NCM specified that this could extend to eastern, inland and even coastal areas. Fingers crossed for Media City. At least the cinema-sized screen at the McGettigan’s Fan Zone is undercover.

But what about the rest of the week? The headlines are humid nights, light winds, partial cloud cover and pleasantly mild days.

Colder climes

We’re now firmly in clickbait headline season, with temperatures as low as 12ºC being recorded in the country. In the mountains. It was obviously going to be in the mountains, nobody was going to just automatically assume it was taken at the roundabout on Cluster C of JLT.

The flip side to this is of course that it’s still deliciously toasty in other parts of the country. That perfect craft market meandering temp, the beach volleyball sweet spot, topping up the tan before the relatives fly-in and question you about why you’re so pasty when you live in the desert, weather.

In case of rain

If it does rain where you are, please take this as a polite request not to make orders for delivery, for at least as long as there’s water on the roads. Your food likely won’t arrive within a ‘hangry-avoidant’ time frame, and it’s really not fair on those knights of the box-back motorbike.

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