An emirate-wide programme for physical, social, and mental wellness…

Last night Abu Dhabi Sports Council introduced Abu Dhabi 360 to the world. A year round calendar of events, backed up by supporting technology (including an app) committed to the mission of improving the physical, social, and mental wellness of Abu Dhabi’s citizens and residents — with the goal of making the emirate “the healthiest and happiest place in the world by 2030”.

This commitment to making sure there’s an equal emphasis on physical and mental wellness is an exciting statement of intent from the Sports Council. The importance of mental health, and how communities can best promote activities that support all aspects of well-being, came into sharp focus around the world during the pandemic. It’s ok not to be ok, but finding your way back to happy and healthy is made a lot easier with help from support networks.

Making it Appen

The Abu Dhabi 360 app will be customisable — adapting to the varied goals and needs of our diverse demographics, it’ll be ‘gamified’ for rewarding engagment, is enabled with movement tracking features, challenges, and tailored nutrition recipes.

You’ll also be able to view upcoming community events and challenges on the app.

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The ‘game’ element works by celebrating user wins and awarding points for completing individual and team challenges. And we all know what points mean — prizes. That could be tickets, discounts and, we hope, a little dip in the mystery box.

And you can get hold of the app right now, it’s available to download via all main channels and is, of course, completely free.

360 — a full revolution

Talking at the announcement, His Excellency Dr. Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili said: “Abu Dhabi 360 has been launched by Abu Dhabi Sports Council to spark a movement toward improved wellness.

It supports the Department of Community Development’s vision to help individuals, their families, and the community through an inclusive program that will inspire everyone, regardless of size, shape, age, or skill level, to pursue personal wellness and balance.

The programme is being delivered with a number of government partners in the emirate as we work together to make Abu Dhabi the healthiest, happiest, and most sustainable society to live in and visit.”

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