And Dubai residents are needed to name the newest member…

The Museum of the Future has a futuristic new addition. Say hello to Robodog, the latest member of the expanding robot family. This new robotic four-legged friend joins the museum’s existing collection of advanced technology and robots, alongside the AI-powered humanoid robot Bob, the robot barista, a flying penguin, flying jellyfish and much more.

The iconic landmark is now calling on Dubai residents to help them name their newest member, who will be found roaming through the museum and interacting with all guests. This can be done by messaging the Museum of The Future through its social platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.

This robotic pet is an advanced robot which uses machine learning to manoeuvre its surroundings with incredible ease and mobility. It embodies some of the most cutting-edge technology and AI systems that are currently available with 3D vision, 360-degree perception and movement through the use of 17 joints.

Robodog can therefore avoid obstacles and stand on uneven surfaces, with a highly advanced ability to navigate through its environment including stairs, gravel and rough terrain. This state-of-the-art technology was designed by US tech firm Boston Dynamics, adding more life to the already impressive array of technologies at the museum.

Museum of the Future, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, 10am to 7.30pm daily, Tel: 800 2071,

Images: The Media office