Dubai Metro riders take note…

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the name change of the Dubai metro station in Al Safa. Al Safa Metro station will now be called ONPASSIVE, for which an AI Technology company has the branding rights.

The rebranding and partnership will last 10 years.

RTA launched the Dubai Metro stations naming rights initiative in 2009 and was the first of its kind worldwide. Name changes are frequent along the metro line, and are normally named based on their location, or the sponsor that has named them.


The RTA also Tweeted that the name change will take place from January to March 2023. The name change will be external as well as on the indoor and outdoor directional signage. The new name will be updated on the smart systems, on the public transport apps and on the onboard audio announcements. The RTA has asked that Metro riders take note of the station’s name change and can request help from any of the representatives at any of the stations should they require any further clarifications.

The founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE, commented “We strive to provide our best-in-class services, and we strive for excellence and innovation by providing the best smart services to Dubai Metro passengers and the broad public in the country and the world.”