Red hair and hand-me-down robes will not be available…

Potterheads, are you ready for some magical news? This Friday, February 10 at 4pm, Wizarding World Shop by Fandom will be opening its doors here in Dubai.

You can find it at Mall of The Emirates but head on over quickly as it will only be here until February 3, 2024 before the invisibility cloak whisks it away.

Shopping in Diagon Ally

Harry potter shop dubai

The 1,500-square-foot shop will be full of incredible Harry Potter paraphernalia. Products will be inspired by the Wizarding World and will include items such as clothes, toys, souvenirs, and hopefully, anything from the trolley – including chocolate frogs and pumpkin patties, please…

The items will come directly from the most famous brands such as Lego, Spin Master, Mattel and more.

Visitors of the magical shop will be able to celebrate the wizarding world through a range of Harry Potter-inspired photo opportunities and product demonstrations (Fred and Harry’s prank products thankfully, not included).

There will be wands from The Noble Collection, and Hogwarts robes from Rubie’s to try on and of course, the trolley on Platform nine and three quarters will be there for the perfect photo opportunity.

Mega fans, pay attention! Show up in your Harry Potter best and you will receive a magical goodie bag from the Wizarding World by Fandom (while stocks last).

So, get ready to be sorted into your house (Hufflepuff for the win!); shop till you drop and use wingardium leviosa to get back up and shop some more.

Accio, Harry Potter World

Get all the items on your acceptance letter list and then get ready to head to Abu Dhabi for Harry Potter-themed land that’s coming to the capital. Fans, no matter what house they’re from, will be able to step inside the iconic locations of the wizarding world. 

The Harry Potter-themed land will be significant in scale and join the existing six immersive lands in the award-winning theme park. It includes Bedrock, Dynamite Gulch, Cartoon Junction, Gotham City and Metropolis. As of now, there is no opening date for the magical theme park, but you can bet your wands we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for the announcement.

Until then, you can wear all your gear while you catch up on Harry Potter on Netflix.

Wizarding World Shop, Mall of The Emirates, Opens Friday February 10, from 4pm until February 3, 2024. @malloftheemirates

Images: Supplied