But don’t worry, this is temporary…

If eggs and chicken are your daily staples, take note: the UAE Ministry of Economy announced on Saturday, March 18, that egg and poultry prices will be temporarily raised by at least 13 per cent.

This increase is a response to the developments in global, regional and local markets, as many other countries have had significant shortages. It is also credited to retail companies requesting the raise due to the increase in the cost of production and international shipping.

However do not despair, as the UAE Ministry of Economy has stated that this will be temporary, and re-assessed within six months from now.


This benchmark increase has been set due to the research done by the Ministry, with UAE suppliers needing approval from the Ministry before changing their prices. Their research concluded the increase could range between 13 and 20 per cent, with the Supreme Committee for Consumer protection capping the raise at 13 per cent, according to Khaleej Times.

This is done to ensure and preserve food security throughout the region and is in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Resolution No.41 of 2023 issued on March 6, 2023.

Images: Unsplash