Say ni hao to Chinatown…

It has been a much-anticipated opening for those who frequent Dubai Mall and finally, Chinatown is officially open in the mall. The neon signs in the main atrium have already taken social media by storm but there are plenty of other things worthy of checking out. From spas to shops and even the most authentic fast food.

Here is a full guide to Chinatown Dubai Mall. 

Now open

Yinyang Spa

Providing spa-goers with some of the most authentic Chinese massage experiences, Yinyang Spa’s beliefs are rooted in the timeless healing tradition of Chinese healing practices. Health, peace and balanced living or alleviation of pain, the spa will provide guests with the best possible remedies and experience.

Food court dining

There are already quite a few fast food restaurants open in Chinatown Dubai Mall including Hawker Chan, a Singaporean restaurant that is world acclaimed for being affordable and delicious. If you’re after some boba tea, Koi Thé also has a stall at the front of the food court or for a caffeine fix, you will also be able to find a Starbucks that is designed to match the fittings of Chinatown.

Haidilao Hot Pot

One of the biggest hot pot chains in China, Haidilao has officially opened its doors in Dubai Mall. The first branch opened in 1994 and has since gone on to open restaurants worldwide. The term “Haidilao” refers to a Chinese idiom that is translated to fishing for the moon which then became a term for deep-sea fishing.

Opening soon

Bodhi Thai Massage

After the stress and intensity of spending the day shopping, I often wish I was in Thailand, getting a massage that relaxes, destresses and rejuvenates me. Thankfully, Chinatown Dubai Mall will soon see the opening of a Thai Massage parlour that will be the perfect end to a busy day of shopping.

Hippo Box

One of the few things that Dubai Mall may surprisingly be lacking, is a supermarket. While yes there is a Waitrose and Grandiose, in a mall as vast as Dubai Mall, two are not enough. Luckily, Chinatown will see the addition of a new supermarket called Hippo Box.

Mievic and Mumuso

Stores that offer trinkets and goodies that we didn’t even know we needed are some of the best stores. Looking for a deck of cards, or a desk fan – maybe a new water bottle, or a head massager? You’re guaranteed to find all of these items and more at stores like Mumuso and Mievic.

More food court dining

There are plenty more stores opening in the food court, so patrons can expect Chinese pastries, xiao long bao, and bibimbap from Korea, as well as plenty of rice noodle stores, desserts from Hong Kong, and countless other options.

Chinatown inside Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai,

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