Complete with sports massage, ice baths, sauna and cryotherapy…

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or you’re working towards a fitness goal, everyone can benefit from a helping hand towards optimum health. Which is where Recovery Rooms by DXB Sports Massage comes in.

The brainchild of founder Toby Harris, Recovery Rooms is an extension of DXB Sports Massage, a sports-focused, home-massage service born during the pandemic. For Recovery Rooms, the team have set up their own two-floor space within Vic Sports Centre in Al Quoz. It’s here, they provide an array of services designed to provide best-in-class recovery treatments and therapies.

The beating heart of Recovery Rooms remains in the roots of the business, and sports massages are the signature treatment. In a trio of calming grey massage rooms found on the upstairs floor, clients can book 30-, 60- and 90-minute massages. Expertly trained massage therapists can create bespoke sessions depending on each clients needs, whether you’re looking to focus on a particular area, ease aches and pains, or relax muscles ready to take on your next fitness challenge.

But as well as offering an extension of the DXB Sports Massage home services, Recovery Rooms has added some additional performance-based activities to try.

With massages, you can add-on experiences like getting sweaty in the sauna or testing your limits with an ice bath. There’s also a Cryotherapy chamber, where you’ll kit up with socks, boots, hat and gloves before entering the chamber for two to three minutes, exposing yourself to core-chilling temperatures of -110 degrees in the name of muscle recover and performance improvement.

The facility is also home to a cosy nook, called the Recovery Suite, where therapists can do more thorough gait and biochemical analysis on a treadmill, or clients can make use of the athlete-approved compression boots.

Sports massages are priced from Dhs250, with additional services available as add-ons, or to book individually.

Recovery Rooms by DXB Sports Massage, Vic Sports Complex, 17B Street, Al Quoz 3. Tel: