The samosa queen of Dubai runs a must-try supper club…

Head chef and creator of Moreish by K, Kunwal Safdar, has become a well-known name in the Dubai food scene. From humble beginnings as a pandemic passion project, her supper club has become one of the city’s most talked-about.

Like most of us, Kunwal became restless during the slow weeks of isolation back in March 2020, turning to curate a ‘hug in a box’ through her soup care packages. Overnight this became a sensation, sowing the seeds of her wonderful brand.

Fast forward to 2023, and Kunwal has fed over 10,000 people through her supper clubs, and collaborated with brands including XVA Gallery, 21 Grams and Dibba Bay.

Kunwal runs her business on the primary ethos of fusing sustainability and community, with the entire business operating on a conscientious mindset. Their kitchen is zero-waste, with Kunwal ensuring that all food waste is recycled by working closely with farms to compost food scraps. All ingredients are sourced locally and ethically, utilising odd and wonky-shaped vegetables that don’t make it into our supermarkets. All staff and drivers are always fed, as well as close communities through special initiatives, particularly during seasons such as Ramadan.

Moreish by K supper club Dubai

Kunwal’s dishes pay homage to her Persian and Punjabi roots, with symphonies of elegant flavours and textures that transport you to bustling street-side vendors, with tactful essences of her upbringing in the UK and the UAE. Throughout the emirate, her legendary samosas have a cult following, with the pulled beef, goat cheese and acacia honey having most of Dubai in a chokehold.

So to say we were excited to experience her supper club is an understatement.

On a humid Wednesday evening, Kunwal opened her home to us, where we happily perched on her kitchen island, ready for a culinary adventure. Instantly we feel at ease with Kunal’s seamless warmth and charm, before she swiftly turns to the stove and begins to work her magic.

Moreish by K supper club Dubai

To start, we warm our bodies with the dish that started it all…soup. A sweet and smooth roasted pumpkin and red pepper soup comes topped with crispy strips of fried samosa dough, elevating the dish with salty and crunchy textures. We scrape the bowl to get every last drop.

Next, Kunwal serves up a vibrant homemade chaat with pomegranate yoghurt, freshly cubed mango, and a sprinkle of pistachio. We’re told to thoroughly combine everything for the best results: a perfect amalgam of tangy sweet mango, creamy yoghurt, and salty crunches of spiced fried dough burst in each spoonful.

Moreish by K supper club Dubai

While we take a sip of our drink, Kunwal begins to plate a picture-perfect combination of charred cauliflower, beetroots, and feta-stuffed dates on a bed of garlic labneh. A cherry-tamarind dressing, a dusting of beetroot powder, fried rosemary and nuts round out the dish. The fusion of tart and sweetness creates harmony in each forkful, with the feta-stuffed baked dates being a particular highlight, exemplifying Kunwal’s attention to detail and seamless brilliance in combining flavours.

Thanking ourselves for wearing airy clothing, we marvel at our next course; two delicate samosas on a bed of herby chutney. The cult-followed pulled beef, goat cheese samosas with acacia honey lived up to the hype, but the chicken tikka with pistachio pesto and cream cheese really blew us away. A small work of art, this samosa is intricately folded with the pistachio cream cheese and pistachio pesto being filled into different corners of the samosa, curating a glorious turn of flavours with each bite.

Moreish by K supper club Dubai

Kunwal’s main courses, could not have been more delicious. A hearty portion of oven-roasted chicken and truffled sweet potato mash, engulfed by a decadent gravy bursting with Indian spices and scattered with fried rosemary. Dreamily paying homage to her upbringing with all separate elements, the decadent gravy showcasing Punjabi routes, and the fried rosemary elevating the dish so elegantly with a European flair.

The last of the savoury dishes; applewood-cooked mutton haleem with raspberry oil, caramelised garlic, onions and toasted nuts, is show-stopping. The warmth and depth of flavour of the applewood shone bright, with the meat being so tender that it melted in our mouths.

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly eat anymore, dessert arrives in the form of a rose rice pudding. Nostalgic and wholesome with a Persian-Punjabi twist of delicate rose, an idyllic way to polish off our evening.

What’s On Verdict: Inventive yet nostalgic, sophisticated yet wholesome, Moreish by K will never cease to amaze with her delicate harmony of flavours. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, catch up with friends, or embark on a unique date night, this supper club couldn’t be recommended more.

Moreish by K, Supper club Dhs375-450 per person (depending on seasonal menus). Chefs table max capacity of 5 Dhs375  to 450 per person. Private dining and home catering can be arranged with price on request.

Images: What’s On content.