Adrenark will feature climbing walls, rope courses, thrill rides, stunt jumps, and multi-level E-karting…

Abu Dhabi leisure mega-project Al Qana can already list amazing dining concepts; the cafes; the giant integrated wellness hub and gym — The Bridge; massive deluxe movieplex — CinemaCity; The National Aquarium; and futuristic gaming, VR and eSports hub Pixoul amongst its congregation — but the latest attraction, Adrenark Adventure is amongst its most impressive, and after swinging open its doors this Eid Al Fitr — it’s now in full operation.

The chief deliverables of Adrenark are entertaining kids, adrenaline-baiting thrill experiences, and a wild three-level eKarting track. All with packages starting from Dhs99.

It features an incredible 20 different activities many of which should do a stand-up job of siphoning off some that *screams, covered in slime and acrylic paint* young person energy.

You’ll find the mamouth 54,000 sq ft (making it the largest “indoor adventure park” in the region) wow-opolis right next to Pixoul Gaming.

A work of Ark

There are activities such as potholing (that’s cave exploration for those that weren’t in the Girl Guides or Cub Scouts) and it is deifinitely not for the claustrophobic); a rooftop zipline (which allows yot to control your own speed, maybe not for the acrophobic); cheek-puffing thrill rides; bravery-testing stunt bag jumps; an elevated rope course – Roll Glider; Through The Roof — a theme park style drop ride that gives your innards that butterflies in Zero G sensation; softplay; a series of slides; multiple climbing walls; and more.

Wowio kart

Amulti-level E-karting track that climbs three floors inside the building. Which, in case of any future court case, let us state clearly for the record that we are absolutely not planning to recreate the iconic ending of Thelma and Louise from the top tier.

Talking about the upcoming launch, says Paul Hamilton, General Manager of Adrenark Adventure said: “We are thrilled to announce the opening of Adrenark Adventure, the region’s largest indoor adventure park, offering a diverse range of thrilling activities for visitors of all ages.”

“From our multi-level e-karting track to our climbing walls to the treasure caves, each activity offered by Adrenark Adventure confirms our commitment to providing visitors with a fun, interactive, and immersive experience. We are confident that Adrenark will quickly become a must for thrill seekers and families alike.”

What else is new at Al Qana..?

There’s a brand new smokehouse – Meat Moot, serving up premium meat dishes and non-limp brisket, a new vape store because 2023 — Vapors  R Us, and there’s the news that several of the restaurants (Otoro and Oli) were What’s On Award winners.

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