Grubs up at Global Village…

The super-sized market opened its doors on October 25 of this year and that seems like a lifetime ago. We have been back and forth to find all of the fun and exciting activities to try, as well as what weird and wonderful restaurants are available to us. Unfortunately, the season will be coming to a close soon, so get there while you still can.

Here are 10 weird and wonderful treats to try at Global Village Dubai 


These are being called the best burgers of Global Village, and we can see why. These Angus beef burgers are not only Instagram-worthy with their red buns and gooey cheesy goodness but they are full of flavour. There are a few options to choose from such as the VIP burger which comes with red-coloured buns, or the cheesy cheeseburger which is well, cheesy…

Meatology, Happiness Street @meatologyshop 

Little Sugar


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If you’re looking for somewhere to satisfy your sweet tooth craving then head down to the Culture Gate and let your senses guide you to this delicious sweet treat shop. Their desserts are out of this world and will have your craving sorted in no time. Make sure you try the crepe Brûlée ice cream cone that is filled with custard and fresh fruits.

Little Sugar, Culture Gate, Shop K100,

Cheese Wheel Pasta


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Who says cheese wheel mixing can only happen at fine dining restaurants? Brought to us by Wheel 35 – if you’re looking for a carb-filled, cheese-coma-inducing meal that will bring on a happy dance with the first bite, then head down to kiosks street and order your own personalised pasta.

Wheel 53, Cheese Wheel Pasta, Kiosks street, shop K53. @wheel35uae

Super Slice Pizza

This might be the biggest slice of pizza you’ll find around. While they only have two different flavours to choose from: Margherita and a pepperoni, they are cheesy, delicious and BIG. You might need a bit of assistance eating these monster-sized slices, but thankfully, they can come cut into bite-size pieces.

Super Slice Pizza, Food street, near the Africa Pavilion

Raclette DXB


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There seems to be a reoccurring pattern with the food at Global Village and we are here for it. It might be a unpleasant cheese to smell, but the flavour of raclette is absolutely delicious. Set aside the smell and enjoy cheesy fries or a super cheesy burger. If you’re unfamiliar with the French cheese, the wheel is heated under a hot grill until it bubbles and it is then scraped onto your base of choice, in this case, fries, or a beef burger.

Raclette DXB, Food street, shop K62. @raclettedxb


Looking for somewhere that add crisps to just about every single possible dish with no rhyme or reason? Well, 3aballii has got the crisp-coated food phenomenon down. Pasta with everyone’s favourite Chips Oman, or Stix? They have them. Also on the menu are loaded fries topped with flaming hot Cheetos.

3aballii, Culture Gate and VIP Gate. @3aballii


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Whoever came up with the idea to put meat onto skewers, we salute you. But this food shop has taken it one step further and decided to skewer every possible food group that will skewer. Crispy chicken sliders, consider them skewered, the same can be said for beef sliders and even entire lamb chops. Easy to eat, which means you don’t have to stop shopping.

Skewers, between the Oman and Lebanon Pavilion,

Big Bang Dubai


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The sweet treats are not to be shunned at Global Village. There is a delicious French toast that has taken Instagram by storm. It’s interactive, looks good on your feed and tastes even better than it looks. The French toast comes brûléed and is full of Nutella goodness and served with ice cream on the side. Count us in.

Big Bang Dubai, VIP gate, @bigbangdxb

Circle It


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You’ve by now read about the Chips Oman and pink sauce pasta combination. Circle It, sees your combination and raises you, pink sauce pasta served with a doughnut. Yes, that is a real thing. No, we didn’t make it up. Try it if you dare.

Circle It, Cultural gate,

Say Cheese

While they may have mini burrata salads that are coated in balsamic glaze, they have upped their cheese game with a literal cheesecake. Say Cheese serves up a Tom and Jerry-looking slice of cheese that doubles as a delightful slice of an actual baked cheesecake.

Say Cheese, Europe pavilion, @saycheese.gv

Global Village Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road E 311, @globalvillageuae

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