Residents are urged to be on the alert as hazardous weather is expected… 

Is it raining where you are? After a cloudy and humid Sunday, rain fell in parts of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Sharjah this morning, Monday, May 22.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issued an orange alert for parts of Abu Dhabi, which urges residents to be on the alert and comply with the advice issued by the authorities as hazardous weather is expected.

There’s more on its way with convective clouds over scattered areas of the country especially eastern, internal, and western areas causing rainfall, dusty conditions, strong winds, low visibility, and moderate to rough sea.

What is the weather forecast for the rest of the week?

According to the weekly weather forecast by the NCM, Tuesday will be dusty and partly cloudy, with rainfall expected over the southern and eastern areas. Moderate winds reaching up to 40 kilometers per hour will cause dust and sand to blow during the day.

The cloudy weather continues into the rest of the week but will stay mostly dry, with light to moderate winds reaching up to 40 kilometers per hour causing dust.

New traffic fines to know about…

On Thursday, May 18, the Ministry of Interiors introduced new traffic fines to improve road safety in the UAE during bad weather and emergencies. The important updates are relevant to all drivers and motorists in the UAE.

These include motorists who enter flooded valleys when overflowing with rainwater, gathering near valleys, floods, and dams during rainy weather, and drivers who obstruct ambulances, emergency vehicles, and rescue workers.

Here are the new traffic fines drivers in the UAE to know about:

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