Get ready pizza lovers…

A quintessential Dubai restaurant that for many of us is always slightly out of reach on the delivery apps. Have no fear because Pitfire Pizza is finally opening its doors on the other side of Dubai, with a branch opening in Mirdif.

That’s right, Pitfire Pizza is opening its fourth branch in the UAE. Lucky for those of us living on the other side of town we will now be able to experience one of Dubai’s best-loved pizza joints without having to trek too far away from home.

The doughy details

The all-new restaurant will have the same rustic and cosy charm as the other branches and spans across 950 square feet. There is also a lovely courtyard that will serve as outdoor seating in the cooler months. With only 40 seats total, the venue will feel like the classic homegrown venue we have all grown to know and love over the years.

We don’t know the exact opening date just yet, however, we do know that it will be located in Mirdif Hills and will be close to the beautiful Mushrif Park. So you’ll be able to grab yourself a pizza with your mates and head to the park for a picnic.

Knead know basis

If you weren’t aware, What’s On HQ created a pizza in celebration of our 44th birthday with Pitfire Pizza to create the ultimate What’s On Habibi pizza.

When two Dubai-born brands collide, the resultant flavour waves have to rep the city they love. We weren’t prepared for just how much pizza toppings could divide a team of passionate foodies, but we did all agree on one thing: Chips Oman improve almost anything they’re sprinkled on.

A thin yet flavourful base topped with authentic Middle Eastern lamb kofta, baked batata, scattered elements of Fattoush salad, a pomegranate molasses and hummus drizzle and a crispy Chips Oman crown.

The limited-edition pizza is priced at just Dhs44 and is available for dine-in and takeaway, exclusively on Deliveroo, throughout the month of June.

Pitfire Pizza, Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, opening soon, 11am to 11pm on weekdays, 11am to midnight on weekends. @pitfirepizzabakers

Images: Instagram