We can’t keep calm…

Fan of McDonald’s? You have to agree that the chicken McNuggets are amazing, right? Do you know how they can be even better? When there are more of them. That’s the only correct answer. So, we are happy to share that all our fervent prayers have been answered and McDonald’s UAE has added the 20-piece chicken McNugget set to their menu.

That’s right. You can now get yourself a 20-piece set with two of your favourite sauces for Dhs31 (fries and drink not included).

The concept of the set – called a share box in some places, is not entirely new. Countries like Canada and the UK have been serving them for some time now and it has finally made its way to the UAE. Sadly, this will only be available for a limited time, so make that pit stop at the drive-thru for your fill while you have the chance!

What else is new?

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The fast food giant recently launched some brand-new items, including a spicy version of the regular nuggets, truly filling the nugget-shaped holes in our hearts. It’s the same old iconic nugget, with just an extra kick of spice.

The menu now also includes two new sauces – cajun and honey mustard – sure to make for some seriously delicious dippage. Don’t worry, their existing list of sauces is still available, so you have some pretty solid options to pick from including sweet chili, barbecue, hot mustard, spicy buffalo, sweet and sour and last but certainly not least, garlic mayo.

Very sadly, the spicy nuggets and new sauces are limited-edition menu items. So, you might want to hurry and get your fill before they disappear.

PS – The 20-piece McNugget set is available in both the regular and spicy versions. The spicy McNuggets are available in the six-piece and nine-piece sets as well.

Pitstop before heading out for your weekend plans? We think the answer is a definite yes…

Image credits: Unsplash/ Nik and Emil Huang