The diet can wait…

At almost every fast-food restaurant (or any restaurant in general), fries are considered to be an add-on – a side dish that will make your food even better. There’s even a day dedicated to the popular dish and every year, many celebrate International Fries Day on July 13.

Wait, but why are walking about fries when all you want is a free burger? Well, To relish the day dedicated to fries, new food-ordering app, Cari is celebrating in a fun way. For every fries ordered from selected restaurants via the Cari app, you will receive a burger for free. That’s right – how the tables have turned, huh?

The deal is available for a limited time only starting today July 12 to 18.

Some of the restaurants include Drip Burger, The Goofy Cow, Messy Burger, Burger 28, Wagyu Burger, Hammer Burger and more.

So, how do you get your free burgers in Dubai this week?

cari app free burgers in Dubai

Well, all you need to do, besides downloading the Cari app if you don’t have it yet, is to head to ‘Free burger’ on the top menu selection.

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Once you’ve decided on a fast food restaurant, you will see a tab with ‘International Fries Week’ highlighted. Select your favourite fries and burger and… done. Your total bill will only show you the cost of the fries. Next, check out, wait for your order and enjoy.

Do note, some restaurants don’t offer a choice of burger you want, while others do – so do your research before you add to cart and make your payment.

Cari app launched just last month in the UAE and promises quick delivery with guaranteed dine-in menu prices and a zero per cent commission model. The app has received rave reviews from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and we’ve been told, we can expect the same service here.

When it first launched, What’s On decided to try and test the app – you can read our review here.

You can download the app on iOS here and Google Play here.

Images: Cari and socials