So you want to dip your toe into tweaks? Here’s where to start…

From futuristic facials, to fillers, peels and lifts, the ever-changing face of the aesthetics world can be hard to keep up with. Ranging from subtle tweaks to shape-shifting body treatments, aesthetics are a popular route to take for those wishing to address a certain hang-up without extending to drastic action.

So with an open mind and cautious curiosity, we pay a visit to Nova Clinic. One of Dubai’s premier spots for all things aesthetics, the brand has long been established in Jumeirah. But recently, they opened a swish new branch in Nakheel Mall, which is where we come to find out more. The smart clinic has the feel of a sophisticated salon rather than a cold clinic, with warm lighting, creamy hues and a delicate scent that puts us at ease as we enter. A waiting area home  to magazines and flavoured water provides a relaxing spot to complete a consultation form, before we’re called in for our appointment.

Our consultation is with Dr Timm Wolter, one of Nova Clinic’s resident aesthetic specialists.

“Ask all the questions you want to,” says Dr Timm, when we probe him on what advice he would give to a new patient. “If you are not sure, make a follow-up appointment before doing anything.” Each client is in the driving seat here. Whether you know exactly what you want to enhance a particular area, or you have a goal in mind but don’t know how to get there, Dr Timm is on-hand to provide recommendations and ensure clients have all the insights and information needed to make an educated decision on what’s best. “Ask yourself what bothers you most or all the time you look at yourself,” Dr Timm explains. “Start with something easy and subtle. Take your time to think about it, do not let yourself be rushed into a treatment.”

Nova Clinic offers a range of treatments from non-surgical facials, IV drips and micro needling, to fillers, injectables and then more extreme cosmetic surgeries. “When it comes to fillers, injectables and especially surgery, you should be very cautious if someone tells you a treatment is suitable for everyone,” Dr Timm tells us when we ask about aesthetic treatments that can be universal. “Everybody is unique and each person – and area of their body – has unique needs,” he adds.

For us, this means focusing on smoothing out some fine lines around the eyes, and lifting the area around the eye to give more definition. We’re recommended to begin with of the most common aesthetic treatments, botox. This starts with a cool numbing cream, and then is swiftly followed by 10 quick, sharp injections around the eye and forehead. It’s not pain free, but the discomfort doesn’t last long. Although we see some results immediately, it’s a week later when we really notice the brighter, more awake look – and others notice it too. With results lasting around six months, we’re confident we’ll be returning.

Nova Clinic – The Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah, 9am to 9pm daily. Tel: (0)4 526 3900,