Are you as excited as we are?

Expo City Dubai announced yesterday that the famed attraction the Garden in The Sky will be open to the public once again. The Garden in The Sky closed on May 25 for routine maintenance but has since reopened to the public.

You can visit the Garden in the Sky between 6pm and 10pm during the remainder of the summer months. Tickets are priced at Dhs30 per person however, children under two and people of determination have free entry.

Garden in the, what?

If you aren’t familiar with the attraction, the Garden in The Sky which is located in the Jubilee pavilion was one of the more popular attractions to visit during Expo 2020. The hanging garden ascends into the sky up to 55 metres and guests can revel in the beauty of the Expo property from the sky.

After you have been hoisted into the air, the observation deck then proceeds to turn allowing visitors to experience Dubai and Expo City from a brand new angle.

It is called Garden in The Sky for good reason, not only is the attraction a gorgeous observation deck but on the upper deck a garden like no other awaits, complete with greenery and trees to boot, creating a magical experience that is worth a picture or two.

With the Garden being open in the evening for the remaining summer months, that means you’ll be able to see Dubai twinkling away in the night sky.

What else is there to do at Expo?

Not only is Expo City full of countless incredible food and beverage outlets, but you can also still visit the other original pavilions. These pavilions include Terra in the Sustainability Pavilion, Alif in the Mobility Pavilion as well as the Women’s and Vision Pavilion. The attractions are paid so be sure to check out their website here, for full pricing.

Garden in The Sky, Expo City, open daily from 6pm to 10pm, Dhs30, free for children under two and people of determination.