Yes, there is an Al Baik…

Expo City Dubai reopened its doors on Saturday, October 1 and if you’re planning a visit with loved ones soon, take note of the cafes and restaurants that are currently open.

Here are 8 restaurants currently open at Expo City Dubai.

Al Baik


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The beloved Saudi Arabian fast-food chain has reopened in Expo City. When Team What’s On stepped in for a bite, the menu was limited to delicious fries and the 10-piece chicken nugget meal (non-spicy). We hope the menu will soon include their spicy nuggets, falafel, fish fillet and other popular dishes.


Al Fanar

A classic Emirati cuisine restaurant that needs no introduction. Al Fanar Restaurant, which by the way is part of the Michelin Guide 2022, brings local cuisine to the international market. The restaurant also doubles as a mini-museum where visitors can learn about local culture.



Arabica expo restaurants

This Kyoto-based coffee shop has taken the UAE by storm. The stall in Expo City Dubai is conveniently located just outside the Al Wasl Dome. It has a limited food menu but go for their drinks. A must-try is their delicious honey latte – a best seller.


La Serre

Take a trip to Paris with this Parisian-style bistro. They have recently opened a food truck in Expo City Dubai and will be serving classic French croissants and cakes.


Milky Ice

The famous tall swirled ice cream shop has opened its doors again at Expo City Dubai located near the Garden in the Sky attraction. Grab a vanilla and chocolate swirl cone or cup before you experience a little trip into the air with sweeping views of the Expo site.


Tropicool expo city restaurants

If you have never tried an açai bowl then this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. The Brazilian food truck is next door to Wofl, so after you’ve enjoyed a savoury waffle, try out the ridiculously refreshing açai bowl with toppings such as bananas and mixed berries. Or sip on a yummy açai smoothie while you wonder to the next pavilion.


The Mattar Farm Express

A family-run smokehouse that specialises in slow-cooked barbecue brisket. Located at the Opportunity Pavilion, Mattar Farm House Express has a number of succulent and delicious dishes on their menu including egg and pastrami on rye and the beef chorizo sandwich.


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A homegrown concept that is absolutely delicious. For those who aren’t quite sure. Wofl has gourmet sandwich fillings wrapped in a folded waffle. They have a variety of sandwiches to choose from including a savoury favourite – Mediterranean Tuna. For a sweet treat, try the banana bee – a waffle stuffed with banana, lemon zest mascarpone, hazelnut praline and honey drizzle.


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