Take to the skies like an eagle…

For those who can’t fathom skydiving, there’s a solution to getting your adrenaline fix with this new airborne activity.

Located 30 minutes away from the city at Dubai Desert Dropzone in Margham is Paramotor Adventure, Dubai’s latest thrilling activity spot, where you get to glide over sand dunes with a professional pilot.

And don’t worry- it’s not that high up in the air either and you’re safe and secure in your seat before lift off.

Specially designed for flying enthusiasts aged 12 years and above and weighing less than 110 kg, the flight can accommodate one ‘passenger’ at a time, which we think is great because if you go with a friend, you’ll have a guaranteed video of you when you take off.

What are the packages on offer? The Xcitor Tandem flight has two different flying experiences: the 20-minute Desert from Above Adventure or the extended 40-minute trip Love Lake Adventure, where you get a birds-eye view of Dubai’s heart-shaped Love Lake.

No matter what you pick, you will enjoy panoramic views of the vast desert landscape at almost 1,400 feet from the ground.

The 20-minute standard package costs Dhs950, while the 40-minute premium package costs Dhs1,150. You can also choose to fly in the morning or evening, ergo, catching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

You can book directly via their website here.

Want to pilot one yourself?

The aviation centre also runs regular training courses so if you’re interested in taking up a new side hustle, then this light, two-stroke engine activity might just be your thing.

From mastering takeoff processes and wing control to emergency protocols and graceful touch-down procedures, this course equips you with the skills needed for a successful solo flight.

The flight training is open to anyone above the age of 18, and above 150cm and also doesn’t require a high level of physical fitness (phew). The course costs Dhs12,000 for 20 training hours and is inclusive of all equipment.

Paramotor Desert Adventure Aviation Club, E66, Dubai Desert Dropzone, Margham, open daily 6.30am to 7pm, from Dhs950. Tel:(0)4 208 7422. @paraflydubai

Images: Supplied/Instagram