A step outside the box…

Chef Carmen Rueda Hernández loves to tell stories. You can see it in the way her smile stretches wide and her hands move about when she talks about her childhood. Most evidently, you can see it in her culinary creations, the sweet treats that are The Seasons – a four-course dessert tasting menu inspired by the turns of nature.

The Seasons is a multi-sensory journey, engaging not only your taste buds and sense of smell but also your sight, your touch and your hearing. Priced at Dhs195 per head, the experience will have you take a front seat at the table with chef Carmen and her BRIX team on the other side as they take you through Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring in little bites and sips.

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The outlet itself is located in Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1 and flourishes an inviting welcome.

Inside, the lighting is mellow, a clean slate for the story to build on. As you go through the different courses, the ambience changes colour – a cool blue for winter, a cheery pink for spring and so on – but remains muted throughout, keeping the elegance and finesse of it all.

As we sat down at the table, Chef Carmen brought out a little chatterbox – a game we’ve all played in some variation as kids (if you haven’t, then what were you doing?). We used the chatterbox to pick the season we wanted to explore – quite the wholesome touch.


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Throughout our experience, we were presented with bites, deconstructed creations and mocktails to pair with each course. There were icy clouds of nitrogen involved, never-before-heard-of combinations and a different vessel of delivery for each dish.

Extra bites served to us included a dinosaur-shaped gummy bear and a little peanut made entirely of homemade peanut butter. When we say this spot is eclectic, we really mean it.

Using ingredients like truffles, sea lettuce and wasabi, BRIX is surely for the experimental kind. Chef Carmen and her hospitable team will take your hand and guide you through this playground of flavours, and the good news is, it’s an enjoyable ride.

What’s On verdict: Full points for culinary creativity and satisfying that sweet tooth in the most fancy way possible. 

BRIX Desserts, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1, Dubai, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, 4pm and 9.30pm, Dhs195 per head, Tel: (0)56 525 5299, brix.com

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