Flavoursome fungi are now being grown in the capital…

Food and agro lovers in the capital, take note. We’ve discussed local produce being grown and used in Abu Dhabi, and even reviewed restaurants in the capital city that use them as prime ingredients. But it’s time to dig a little deeper now.


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An Abu Dhabi start-up has begun farming mushrooms in the middle of the desert, right here in the capital and in the midst of an unforgiving summer. Below Farm, whose indoor facility lies about 45 minutes from the city centre, has become a regional pioneer. Growing and selling farm-fresh mushrooms to restaurants, retailers and direct-to-customers, their ready-to-use produce falls under the ‘specialty mushroom’ category, with varieties like the king oyster and lion’s mane headlining their selection.

The company, close to two years old, also sells DIY-farming kits and seasoning powders in addition to ready-to-sell product and boxed mushrooms. With a monthly output of close to a tonne of product, they’ve identified an upward trend in demand and use controlled environment systems that encourage the growth of mushrooms in the harsh conditions of the Abu Dhabi desert.

In true Abu Dhabi style, we’ve seen a trend among businesses of late, of using product locally grown and sourced. Several local eateries use Abu Dhabi-grown mushrooms, Liwa figs, local dates and other key ingredients in some of their most sought-after dishes, adding an unmistakable native touch to their newest offerings. Other notable agricultural endeavours in the capital of late, include the Al Samha greenhouse, an expansive facility that we absolutely recommend stopping by.