Bins knocked over…

The vibes have been off recently, at least we have been feeling like they are. For those who don’t know Mercury is in retrograde – whatever that means, we aren’t entirely sure, but we can wholeheartedly use that as the basis of the weather being weird and the vibes being off. So much so that a tornado swept through Ras Al Khaimah just yesterday.

Shared via storm_ae on Instagram, Ras Al Khaimah experienced a tornado sweeping through the south side of the emirate. The account stated that the tornado swept through Sigy and Kadra.

Here is the video of the tornado taken on the day from a passing car:

Shortly after this post went live, the account shared another video of Kadra, where the video shows heavy thunderstorms and lightning.

Twisters, and not the chicken wrapped in calorific goodness kind

For some, the naturally occurring weather phenomenon is something that has only been seen in a certain film where a girl is swept up and stuck in the magical land of Oz.

While we aren’t entirely sure of the mechanics of being whisked away to a magical faraway land, we do know that a tornado is a column of air that is in contact with the ground and most commonly a cumulonimbus cloud.

The word tornado comes from the Spanish word to turn. For a vortex of wind to be classified as a tornado it must make contact with the ground and the base of a cloud.

Weather forecast for the rest of the week

According to the National Centre for Meteorology for the rest of the week, UAE residents can expect humidity throughout the evenings, with wind speeds reaching up to 40 kilometres per hour. We can also expect fog and mist with low-lying clouds on the East Coast of the country.

When will summer end?

On Wednesday, August 24 the Suhail Star was spotted in UAE skies signalling the beginning of cooler days in the desert, according to folklore.

But you shouldn’t expect an immediate drop in temperatures. After the sighting of the star, UAE residents can expect a 70 to 80-day delay for significant temperature drops to be felt.

However, on Saturday, August 26 a sizzling temperature of 50.8°C was recorded at 2.45pm in Owtaid, in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Region.

Images: Takem from storm_ae