It’s already September (incoming existential crisis)…

Which means dear darling Netflix is about to get a fresh drop of additions to the library. Yes, we know that your watch list is ever-expanding like the universe. But new releases are always exciting, and this month is serving some from every genre. No drought of options in this household.

Here’s everything to look forward to on Netflix in the UAE this September. 


Disenchantment: Part 5


Cast: Abbi Jacobson, Nat Faxon, John DiMaggio

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy

Launching: September 1

To save Dreamland from Queen Dagmar’s wrath, Princess Bean must vanquish her mother and outrun a prophecy that foretells she will kill the one she loves.

Tahir’s House

Tahir's House

Cast: Joud Alsufyani, Naeema Alhumaidi, Mohammed Bakhsh

Genre: Comedy

Launching: September 6

A family of amateur entrepreneurs must come together to convert their failing fish shop into a thriving business, but branching out isn’t easy.

Top Boy: Season 3

Top Boy

Cast: Ashley Walters, Michael Ward, Jasmine Jobson

Genre: Drama

Launching: September 7

Sully takes charge, pushing Dushane to cash out, but with a new order comes new challenges, threats, and consequences.

Virgin River: Season 5

Virgin River

Cast: Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson

Genre: Drama

Launching: September 7

Mel adjusts to a different pace of life, Jack works to grow his business, and the town faces new threats as secrets begin to surface in Virgin River.

Castlevania: Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne

Cast: Alejandra Reynoso, Edward Bluemel, James Callis

Genre: Anime/Horror/Fantasy/Action

Launching: September 28

France, 1792: It begins. A new animated series in the Castlevania universe from showrunners Kevin Kolde (“Castlevania”) and Clive Bradley (“Trapped”) and directors Sam Deats & Adam Deats (“Castlevania”).




Cast: Maciej Musiałowski, Michał Sikorski, Nel Kaczmarek

Genre: Action

Launching: September 13

In need of cash for time in the recording studio, a rising rap star with a criminal past sets up a risky drug deal that could cost him everything.

Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime

Cast: Kana Hashimoto, Yuko Araki, Takanori Iwata

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Launching: September 14

While at the royal ball with Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood finds herself in the middle of a mystery. Can she solve the case before midnight strikes?



Cast: Tamar Novas, Anna Castillo

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Launching: September 29

Pregnant, alone and drifting in the sea, a woman trapped in a shipping container tries to survive after fleeing a devastated totalitarian country.

El Conde

El Conde

Cast: Jaime Vadell, Gloria Münchmeyer, Alfredo Castro

Genre: Horror/Comedy/Drama

Launching: September 15

Augusto Pinochet is a vampire ready to die, but the vultures around him won’t let him go without one last bite. A dark satire by Pablo Larraín.


Who Killed Jill Dando?

Who Killed Jill Dando?

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Launching: September 26

Revisit the shocking 1999 murder of beloved TV presenter Jill Dando, which continues to mystify experts and the public, in this in-depth documentary.



Launching: September 27

Lights in the sky over Texas and Japan. Spacecrafts over schoolyards in Wales and Zimbabwe. It’s not science fiction – these stories of extraordinary mass sightings are true. Presented with fresh urgency by experiencers, top scientists, and military insiders, this thrilling four-part series sets aside skepticism to focus on belief, wonder, and the very human impact of encounters with extraterrestrial life.

Images: Netflix