Think you got what it takes to crack the case?

Love a good murder mystery? While there are plenty of movies and TV series to catch via streaming platforms, put your crime-solving skills to the test and book a spot at The Murder Mystery Experience in Dubai.

The experience titled Sneaky Finders takes place every Sunday at The Selfish Bull in Bluewaters, Dubai but promises to take guests back in time to the 1920s – back to a world of British criminal gangs.

The plot? William Brindy has to call a family meeting and there’s bound to be trouble in store. And he will need your help in solving the murder mystery.

Throughout your experience, you will need to collect clues which will help you crack the case to catch the killer before the night ends. Think it will be simple? Throughout the case, you will be surprised with twists and turns, and even plenty of laughs.

The two-hour experience runs from 8pm to 10pm, and will cost you Dhs153 per person. Additionally, you will receive a 20 per cent discount on food and beverages to use at The Selfish Bull. A well-deserved treat after solving a difficult case.

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To really fit in, the Murder Mystery Experience team encourages you to dress up for the occasion for a fully immersive and dramatic night.

The debut show takes place this weekend on Sunday, September 10. Book your tickets here.

If you can’t make it this weekend, remember, the murder mystery experience will take place every Sunday, so plan a date with your friends and get to booking.

For more information call the team on 058 592 0797 or reach out on Instagram @themurdermysteryexperience

 The Murder Mystery Experience x The Selfish Bull, Bluewaters, Dubai, every Sun 8pm to 10pm, Dhs153 per person, Tel: (0)58 592 0797.

Images: Instagram and Unsplash