With design inspired by the charismatic wilderness of Africa…

Step into Abu Dhabi’s own jaw-dropping version of a dreamy African safari, complete with glitz, glamour and a legacy that is powering the launch of the Flamingo Collection by the Tashas Group, at The Galleria Al Maryah Island. Three thrilling concepts converge with a visual and sensory feast, from the second you walk through the doors: Flamingo Room by tashas, African Lounge and Collective Africa.

Flamingo Room by tashas

A distinctive experience expanding on its sister location in Dubai, The Flamingo Room by tashas welcomes you to a jaw-dropping, ‘Gram-tastic space with hypnotically gorgeous interiors. The brand, a South African import, is conceived and executed by founder Natasha Sideris and continues to build on its super success in the UAE, with incredible interiors and distinct design elements that promise to linger.

You can dig in to a super selection of dishes such as the Calamari Mozambique, Lobster Pasta, Prawn Arancini and lemon cake, as you soak in a seamless blend of flair, vibrancy and culture. Visual stunners, including a hand-blown glass installation by South African artist Mike Hyam, add to the restaurant’s incredible look.

Flamingo Room by tashas, Mon to Sun 12:00pm to 4:00pm and 7:00pm to 1:00am. Tel: (0)2 675 9301, @flamingoroomae

African Lounge

Mere steps away lies their amazing African Lounge, with a terrific terrace letting you take full advantage of the Flamingo Collection’s location, along beautiful blue Abu Dhabi waters. Expertly-crafted mocktails, savoury bites and the prestigious Mariage Frères tea, as well as shareable plates make this a soul-stirring spot with an ambiance that exudes luxury native only to the UAE.

African Lounge, Mon to Sun 12:00pm to 11:15pm. Tel:(0)2675 9302, @african_lounge

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Collective Africa

With luxury in mind, we head to Collective Africa, whose third location in the UAE takes you through an inimitable shopping experience inspired by African megafauna such as the Big Five, and hand-picked from around the world. Carefully-curated creations and intricate craftsmanship will have you staring agape in wonder for seconds, minutes and more, as you feel the full extent of how well Collective Africa captures and blends African wildlife and artistry here.

Collective Africa, Mon to Sun 12:00pm to 12:00am. Tel:(0)2 675 9304, @collective_africa

Just when we thought it was getting increasingly difficult to find a truly unique concept…

Flamingo Collection, L1 & L2, The Galleria Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi. 

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