You’ll find out exactly why these Abu Dhabi restaurants are the best…

The sixth edition of Abu Dhabi Culinary is back, and it’s turning the UAE capital into a celebration of global cuisines. One event foodies just have to check out is Chef’s Table, and it is running for the entire month until November 30.

Haven’t heard of Chef’s Table before? It is a culinary event which treats diners and their palates to some really great food. It has proven very popular in the past and is now back for its fourth edition. And as with every passing year, it just keeps getting better and better.


Some of Abu Dhabi’s best fine dining restaurants take part, so you know you can expect some delicious food.

What to expect this year?

Essentially, the series features multi-course menus presented by top chefs in the capital who know the magic of creating a blend of exquisite flavours. And if you’re thinking this is going to be an expensive affair, think again. The menus on offer are all of great value. So if there ever was a restaurant you wanted to try but have been holding back because of your purse strings, now’s the time to finally get those reservations in.

What are the restaurants taking part in Chef’s Table? The venues include 1 Oak Room, José by Pizarro, Mate, Niri, Dai Pai Dong, Punjab Grill, Fouquets, Lebanese Terrace, Martabaan, Broadway, LPM, Talea, Slaw, Villa Toscana, and Paradiso.

Additionally, Hakkasan will be participating, but only until November 15, so don’t wait to book.

What else to expect at Abu Dhabi Culinary 2023?


Running until December 15, Abu Dhabi Culinary also features limited-edition menus and the region’s first ever Michelin Guide Food Festival. This year will see some 2,000 restaurants take part, showcasing international flavours, unique gastronomic experiences and immersive culinary events that celebrate the talent and diversity in the city’s food scene.

Sounds like it’s time to dig out those stretchy pants…

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