Consider this a sign to enter your fitness fiend era…

The Spartan Race is making a grand return to the mountains of Hatta, coming back for the third time for an exciting stint. The race will return to the Wadi Bih Hatta, attracting more than 3,500 participants belonging to 30 nationalities.

30 to 35 per cent of the field is expected to be international participants, according to the organisers.

Lasting from November 25 to 26, this year’s sporting showcase is bigger and better than it ever has been in the region.

The Spartan Race gauntlet was first picked up here in 2015, and it’s been five years since a race was hosted in the mountains, so expect all the stops to be pulled out for this edition.

hatta spartan

The full rundown

There will be six different categories at this year’s racing weekend. Participants of all ages and levels of capability will be able to find a category that suits them.

The Elite Race on November 26 will be the big finale and the most competitive race of them all. While it’s slated to be the most competitive, at the same time, it will also bring out the sportsmanship and teamwork required for these races.

The terrain and topographic build of the Hatta region are perfect for something like the Spartan Race. Rugged and beautiful. It features a variety of challenging landscapes that have kept seekers of adventure coming back.

The race is essentially a celebration of human fortitude, standing up to adversity and picking each other up. The Hatta range is perfect for that.

hatta spartan

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Tickets and things

If you think you’ve got what it takes to conquer this race, head over to to learn more and purchase tickets.

There are several events taking place over the Hatta Trifecta Weekend, including the Hatta Trial Half Marathon and 10k.

All those who finish receive a T-shirt, medal and every registration comes with access to the Spartan Account to track your tickets, race results, teams, and challenges.

Check out the guidelines and the full schedule on the website.

Hatta Trifecta Weekend, Wadi Bih Hatta, Hatta, Dubai, Nov 25 and 25, @spartanarabia

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