Fresh sea fare and corners of age-old comfort…

All of us have that one spot we’ve been going to since the beginning the time. It could be the Chinese hole-in-the-wall down the street, a guilty greasy burger pleasure, or authentic Mexican taqueria. Everyone has their favourites, especially those who say they don’t. That is the feeling Boardwalk evokes. An easy familiarity, like dining with a low-maintenance old friend.

Tucked away in a quiet nook of the Dubai Creek Resort, the majority of the guests seem to be regulars – golfers from the nearby Creek course on a 19th hole bunker stop, country club members and Boardwalk super fans. Having opened doors to diners 27 years ago, it has rightly earned the ‘local legend’ stripes it bears, and that sort of title usually translates into repeat business.



As we walk inside, the marina-inspired interiors offer a clean and classic feel. Accents of beachy blue, rattan beige and tasteful foliage give us a hint of what’s on the menu. Glass walls stretching around you let the view in, but the outdoor seating is the highlight of the experience. Staying true to the name, two levels of the wooden boardwalk flank sweeping views of the Dubai Creek, and with the right weather, the soft lighting and the intimacy of it all, we’ve got ourselves a date night legend too.

Boardwalk’s menu echos the Mediterranean feel of the aesthetic, featuring impressive seafood in its everyday best. Caught and brought in from Norway on the daily, as our wonderful server tells us, it shines in the crispy calamari (Dhs80), which has just the right amount of crisp and chew, and a tangy aioli to go with. The seabream carpaccio (Dhs82), served in a pool of lemon vinaigrette and topped with slivers of green apple, peach and almonds, has a welcome acidity to cut the rawness.



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While we tuck in and talk of inner city tales, our mains are served – grilled salmon with a shaved fennel and orange salad (Dhs130) and pizza diavola (Dhs110), a beefy diversion from the seafood. The pizza, with the heat and the brightness of the sauce, is my personal favourite.

Tiramisu (Dhs55) and chocolate zuccotto (Dhs65) make for dessert. The tiramisu is classic – airy cream and a controlled sweetness. But the zuccotto, a chilled chocolate mousse filled with dry fruit, unfortunately only reaffirms that I don’t like nuts in chocolate.

But one disliked dessert aside, Boardwalk remains a stalwart spot that has earned its accolade as one of Dubai’s old but gold dining destinations.

What’s On Verdict: Once you walk the Boardwalk, you’ll want to keep coming back.

Boardwalk, Dubai Creek Resort, Dubai, 12pm to 12am, Mon to Fri, 11.30am to 12am, Sat to Sun. Tel: (0)4 205 4647. @boardwalkdubai

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