From Ring to the Scrub Daddy…

There is always a niche for some sort of product. Whether it’s a roller bag for your kid to sit on while you walk through the airport, a hot sauce that hits differently or a sponge that somehow gets every spot. All of these products wouldn’t have been made possible if not for the likes of TV shows such as Shark Tank.

Make it big

If you’re looking to launch your brand but need the funding to do so, then this is the reality TV show for you to be a part of. Dubai TV has announced that it will be launching an Arabic adaptation of the acclaimed show format “Shark Tank”.

There is an unmatched entrepreneurial drive in Dubai, so it only makes sense that Shark Tank gets its own Dubai edition.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, Shark Tank traditionally follows contestants as they go through the ups and downs of starting a new brand or business. Contestants must pitch their most unique ideas, where they will either walk away with a cemented business deal or get eliminated.

Other Dubai based TV shows

This is not the first international export of TV shows in Dubai. We have seen the likes of Dubai Bling on Netflix, as well as Real Housewives of Dubai. Where the rich and mildly famous local celebs of the city are followed  – allowing residents of Dubai as well as international viewers to get a look into the world in the other half of the city.

From fast cars on the Palm to dinner on helipads, the TV shows of Dubai sell the opulent city well. Shark Tank will hopefully shed light on some of the incredible budding entrepreneurs that make the city as luxurious as it is.

We aren’t entirely sure when the show will be released but as soon as we know, you’ll know.

Images: Getty