Will there be tea spilt? Probably…

A series that was the topic of every Dubai resident’s conversation for the longest time is finally back once again. Netflix has just released the trailer for Dubai Bling season 2 and are you as excited as we are?

Is all that glitters really gold? 

Last we left the affluent crew, one couple has just got married, another found out that they were expecting and there was lots and we mean lots of unresolved drama. Season two of Dubai Bling sees the edition of one of the most well-known beauty industry moguls living in Dubai – Mona Kattan, as well as the return of some of our favourite cast members.

The trailer for Dubai Bling season 2 gives us a promising day’s worth of binge-watching reality TV. The season promises to be even shinier, cattier and more outrageous than the first season.

The season is set to premiere on December 13, so mark your calendars. This season of Dubai Bling promises all the drama, all the sports cars and a glimpse into all the fantastic parties and dinners that we would all love to be flies on the wall for.

The saga continues with ambition, love and betrayal. Loyalties are tested, friendships will blossom and hopefully, we can expect something as mildly explosive as the coffee cup clip from season one, and iconic confessional audio clips.

Catch up before the new season

If you didn’t watch season one, we don’t entirely blame you – the series launched in October of 2022, if you’re going to watch season 2 then Here’s a quick spoiler-free recap:

Season one followed a group of Dubai’s most affluent local celebs including the likes of Emirati DJ, DJ Bliss; local radio presenter Kris fade; Lojain Omran a Saudi TV presenter, and several other business moguls and influencers.

The series follows the regular reality TV tropes, backstabbing, liquid throwing, and plenty of arguments. The whole shebang

Premieres December 13 netflix.com

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