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Yet another edition of Abu Dhabi’s eagerly-awaited, much-celebrated Liwa Festival is nearly all wrapped up for the season, with several exciting zones and a brand new look and feel headlining a thrilling winter itinerary. Residents and visitors alike have soaked in the adventure of the outdoors with an awesome selection of F&B, retail and entertainment options, while the mini-oasis has woven together authentic Emirati heritage, modern leisure and a selection of adventure activities, as well as cool culinary options to bring you an exciting winter experience all month long.

The seven zones include the Souk, a traditional Arabian marketplace with dining and retails options, Oasis, with desert charm and modern elegance greeting you, Valley, that has been an excellent addition to this year’s list of must-visit hangouts, Pavilion, which provides much-needed tranquil moments, Carnival, with a unique amusement park, rides and games, the Main Stage, your home for captivating performances at the Liwa Festival, and this year’s special, the Digital Station by PUBG.

What can you see, do and enjoy?


Head over to the Souk and experience an elevated dining experience with Kabab Zaman Awal and Harees Al Fareej’s magnificent array of Arabian flavours, while Let’s helps you explore the festival’s culinary wonders with its guide on eating, drinking, and brunching. ERTH also features strongly, with a host of culinary delights. Retails options include Dukkan, Atyamos and many more.


Typically, a crafty or relaxing respite from the rest of the festival’s frenetic pace. Experiences here include terrarium making, jewellery design, terracotta pot painting and tea excursions. This year, you can also look forward to fabulous F&B partners such as TheUncommon, a unique pop-up dining concept and BB Social Dining with their selection of mouthwatering bites from from a set of creative chefs. If you’re a burger lover, SLAW comes to the party, grilling specials such as their Blue Ocean burger, and their sister brand Seekh, whipping up juicy shawarmas with a twist. Don’t miss Mattar Third Culture Barbecue, who serve up terrific smoked brisket and chicken, along with other tasty meats.
Oasis also delivers a great retail experience for festival-goers, so stop by Elevenish and Odela & Co. who stock clothing, perfumes accessories and skincare products from emerging designers.


Another section of the Village dedicated to the pursuit of chill, and appreciation of aesthetic excellence.


Major thrills await here, with a wide array of skill-based games, including Pyramid Smash, Rebound, Blockbuster, Lobster Pot, Spin a Wheel, and Hook a Bag. Numerous activations are also available to enjoy, so get set for exciting times with an amusing 5D cinema, captivating PlayNeo activation, and two electrifying racing simulators.


Finally the home of concerts at the Liwa Festival, the dedicated performance zone provides an immersive platform to showcase Arabian talent.

The Liwa Festival is available for you to enjoy this season until New Year’s Eve, so make your way down and get set to be amazed and entertained…

December 8 to December 31, 2023. last year’s pin drop was at this Google Map location. Grab your tickets here.