You might want to carry an umbrella…

It’s raining in the UAE! Parts of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirate experienced light to moderate rain today, the National Centre of Meteorology reported. According to the updates shared on the NCM social media channels, the first light shower started in the early hours, at about 5:40am, in the Al Dhafrah Region in the Salalah Island.

Other parts that experienced and are continuing to experience rain right now include the Abu Al Abyad Island and the Sweihan Road in Au Dhabi, and in the northern regions of the Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

The northern regions saw moderate rainfall as compared to Abu Dhabi, where only light rain fell. In Dubai, the latest updates include rain in Jebel Ali and over the Emirates Road.

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Motorists, take note

As always, motorists are advised by The National Centre of Meteorology to stay safe on the roads in affected areas. Drivers have been instructed to drive only when necessary, turn on low-beam headlights when visibility is reduced and keep up to date with the forecasts via official channels. They were also asked to stay away from areas of flash flooding and landslides in some of the Eastern and Northern regions heavily affected.

Make sure to carry an umbrella with you, and stay safe on the roads out there!

Images: Getty Images