Gobble, ‘til you wobble…

The festive season is a time for family gatherings and frequent feasting. But the elaborate preparation required for these sorts of events can be enough to put even the chirpiest elves in a ‘fowl’ mood. Step forward Dubai’s turkey takeaway offerings – allowing you to outsource the time-consuming kitchen tasks that come with a festive roast, giving you time to focus on the important things… Yuletide vibe, panic present shopping, wrapping and napping. And of the many, varied options out there, The Duck Hook’s version is often cited as king of the trimmings – a roast, worth taste testing.


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The delivery arrives in two sturdy boxes with the various components securely packed in tin-foil containers. Once the table is set, we turn on the festive tunes and link arms for the traditional Christmas dinner starting claxon – the cracker pull (a classy addition by The Duck Hook). Paper crowns on, we dig in, passing food trays around, serving others and helping ourselves to our fave festive flaves. 

Plates are quickly piled with slices of tender roast turkey, maple roasted parsnips and carrots with plenty of bite. Other team-approved trimmings include the sweet braised red cabbage, and there seems to be positive consensus on the usually divisive Brussels sprouts.

The shining veg star on top of the Christmas tree for us is the cauliflower cheese, sorry, ‘cauliflower gratin’ to give it its appropriately fancy title. The veal pigs-in-blankets are amongst the best versions we’ve seen on delivery here. Roast potatoes often don’t travel particularly well – these crispy, golden rascals endure the journey admirably.

The Duck Hook inner

The lubrication for the banquet-in-a-box comes via a jus-emboldened gravy, litres of sour-sweet cranberry sauce, and a more layered-than-your-average bread sauce.

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Though stuffed like a flock of proverbial turkeys, we’re not a team that backs down in the face of a sweet course challenge. And what a selection there is at The Duck Hook. Vegan apple crumble, Christmas pudding, and the clear table favourite – sticky toffee pudding. The toffee sauce and custard are poured indiscriminately and shamelessly across the various desserts, mixed in with incidental mince pies. Truly, the sort of gluttonous abandon you can only get away with at a Christmas dinner.

We opted for an eight-person turkey delivery (Dhs1,540) and had enough for substantial Boxing Day leftovers. The turkey comes par-cooked and should be finished and served hot from the oven at home. There’s a vegan option on offer as well.

What’s On Verdict: An indulgent turkey takeaway you’re sure to be thankful for.

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The Duck Hook turkey takeaway, Dhs495 for two, Dhs825 for four, Dhs1,540 for eight and Dhs2,365 for 12. Available on selected days starting Dec 8 (at least 48 hours advance notice required), Tel: (0)55 140 6273. jumeirah.com

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