Straight out of a sci-fi movie…

Dubai could very well be getting Mars-inspired air taxis on the roads in as little as 28 months, according to Gulf News. Inspired by the principles behind NASA ‘Ingenuity’ helicopter already operating on Mars, these air taxis may soon transport passengers and cargo in Dubai.

The brainchild behind this idea is an Austrian firm called FlyNow, who plan to launch their commercial aviation in 28 months. The sooner the better, it seems, as authorities around the world are concerned about the collapse of traffic systems in megacities as the volume only continues to increase.


The blueprint

What we gather is that the economic loss would be enormous, and so an alternative solution is necessary. Enter the eVTOL which has a 130kmph cruise speed and has the sound of a dishwasher. Initial plans include a cargo version, which could potentially transport up to 200kg. The passenger version will follow soon after, and will have one-seater and two-seater varieties.

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The design will also be suitable for high altitudes, as the rotor system of this eVTOL is very efficient. It will allow for flight in atmospheres with much lower density than that of earth’s. Routes will be predetermined, and the taxi will operate on autopilot, with flight plans being devised by either the air traffic management or affiliated companies, bearing in mind the weather conditions.

Take-off and landing points will be specific, and if at any point during the flight you feel ill, you can simply press a panic button and the taxi will take you to the next designated landing point.

Stay tuned for further updates and keep your eyes peeled for when one appears in the sky.

The future is truly now…

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