Milestones are in motion as this ambitious project comes to life…

Not too long ago, you read on that Etihad Rail was about to launch a new rail service that would ferry ADNOC employees from Abu Dhabi to Al Dhannah. Now, the new route has just completed its first trip successfully as of Thursday, January 25.


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The exciting new route, which was announced in November 2023, operates with the vision of transporting ADNOC employees to the Al Dhannah region, about 250km from Abu Dhabi city. And now that it’s operational, it reinforces the UAE’s standing as a leading regional and global hub in the transportation space.

With an impending passenger line capable of travelling at 200 km/h and that will revolutionise passenger transportation in the UAE, as well as a fully operational freight line that opened last year with over 1,000 wagons, the world-class facility is truly a turning point in the UAE’s transportation and logistics sector. Additionally, a rise in sustainable innovations to Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s transportation sector means we’re poised to achieve the nation’s ‘Net Zero by 2050’ vision.

With a projected passenger figure of 36.5 million anticipated by 2030, the 1,200km network will extend from Al Sila to Fujairah, serving 11 cities, towns and communities at unprecedented speeds. A route between Abu Dhabi and Oman is also in the (rail) works.

We’re well on track for big things…

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