This is how you can get to the jaw dropping installation…

If there’s one thing that springs to mind immediately for even the most uninformed reader regarding this year’s stunning Manar Abu Dhabi exhibit, it has to be the darkness-piercing, colour-splashed, incredibly interactive light installations by teamLab on Samaliyah Island.


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One of the most striking exhibits in the capital, these multicoloured light structures have been attracting attention from all quarters. Some readers have described these unique installations as being an an out-of-this-world experience in more ways than one, others compare them to glowing jellyfish. Most, if not all, have these mind boggling, gorgeous structures up on their Instagram pages.

The technicolour light installations begin with Life is Continuous Light, which will have you walking through a forest that gets increasingly brighter and interactive. You are then introduced to Resonating Microcosms – Solidified Light Colour, a spacey, responsive, glow-fest that has arguably become the-poster child of the Manar Abu Dhabi light exhibit this year. As you progress, you’re introduced to other prominent works including the rhythmic Forest of Autonomous Resonating Life, and the interactive, responsive-to-wind Pillars that Dance with the Wind, as well as Giant Solidifed Spark, among others

They’re so beautiful, we just had to include them on the cover of our December 2023 issue. Here’s a glimpse.

How do you get there?

From 5pm to 10.30pm, you can hop on a boat from the Yas Bay dock, which will get you to Samaliyah Island in about 25 minutes. To make sure you don’t miss the last one back to Yas Bay, make sure you’re on it at 12.45am. Here are directions to the Yas Bay dock, to get you started.

In response to popular demand, the exciting Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition will be available for you to enjoy for even longer.

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