There’s plenty to see and do over the month-long festival…

Art and culture fans, this truly is your season and if you thought you had your calendar packed with plenty of things to do already, make room for the Ras Al Khaimah Art Festival.

The annual festival is making a splashy return to the Northern Emirate this February running for nearly the entire month from February 2 to 29 at Al Jazeera Al Hamra Heritage Village.


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This year, the festival celebrates the theme of ‘In Motion’, which invited visitors to challenge the concept of the new ‘normal’ and celebrate diversity and change in various forms, from AI to space journeys.

What can you expect at the Ras Al Khaimah Art Festival?

Well, plenty of art is the short answer. The longer answer is curated art displays, masterclasses, public talks, live performances and even an outdoor cinema – showing that art goes beyond the canvas, paint and brushes.

Get ready to go on an immersive and sensory cultural experience that will bridge heritage and our current modern ways. There will be displays from over 100 different artists in different forms including generative AI and NFTs.

Curator and award-winning Alfio Tommasini states that the festival ‘celebrates and critiques the power of motion and change, bringing together a variety of artforms whilst stimulating dialogue between artists, authors, creatives and the community.’

New additions

Now in its 12th edition, the festival always brings in new works of art so there will already be plenty of new things to soak in. But, the Ras Al Khaimah Art Festival has also added on The Souq – a contemporary art exhibition and market featuring artists and craftspeople from around the world.

Ephemeral Whispers

Spot something on the Fort tower? That’s Ephemeral Whispers – a mesmerizing kinetic art installation and another key addition to the year’s festival. The fabric installation blends both contemporary and traditional materials from diverse cultures, suspended like tapestries, serving as visual metaphors for the rich heritage and experiences facilitated by marketplaces throughout history.

Unleash your own creativity

resin art workshop

The wonderful thing about art, is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Everyone’s preference and perception of art, and the way they create it, is unique. And it will be hard to say ‘no’ to that urge to create during your time at the festival.

And the festival knows this, and encourages it through the masterclasses and workshops available. You will be able to partake in wire knitting, resin ocean art, photography, ceramic making, etc.

And there’s more…

Other forms of art are present too, such as music. So you can expect plenty of music experiences, and even stand-up comedy shows. Heading here over the weekend? Be sure to catch Live Performance Saturdays.

A number of discussions will also be held where you will be able to voice your opinions and listen to other speak on topics spanning culture, innovation, and sustainability.

For the film buffs, you can enjoy an array of of screenings with Friday Film Nights, featuring thought-provoking documentaries and captivating narratives from award-winning directors, courtesy Vox Cinemas.

For the pet owners

If you can’t stand the thought of leaving your pet alone at home, attend any day from February 9 to 11 as those days are pet-friendly.

The workshops during these days will include nametag painting, pet collar/harness art, pet photography (as if you didn’t already have enough photos on your phone), pet fashion shows and more.

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