Rainy days expected ahead…

Dust off your umbrellas because the latest weather forecast crystal ball from the National Centre of Meteorology predicts rain and dipping temperatures in our future this week. The NCM’s newest weather report shows rain and heavy clouds at intervals in the country, with colder days ahead.

These weather conditions are expected to prevail from Wednesday to Saturday this week. Today, the conditions are cloudy over some Western and Coastal areas, extending Northward and Eastward with a probability of rainfall especially during night and Thursday morning.


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Tomorrow, chances of rainfall are high, especially in the Northern and Eastern areas. Similar chances of rainfall with connective clouds will continue into Friday, but the temperatures will see a significant decrease. The rest of the week is expected to see partly cloudy and hazy conditions at times.

When it rains…

Generally during rainfall, motorists are advised by The National Centre of Meteorology to stay safe on the roads in affected areas. Drivers have been instructed to drive only when necessary, turn on low-beam headlights when visibility is reduced and keep up to date with the forecasts via official channels.

Keep an eye out and stay safe on the roads out there!


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