Why former cabin crew turned self-taught chef Gabriela Chamorro’s supper club, Girl and the Goose, is making waves in the Dubai food scene…

There is no denying that Dubai is a food lovers’ dream, home to a diverse array of restaurants representing a multitude of global cuisines. Outside of this, the city’s supper club scene also continues to flourish, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultures that call Dubai home.

One notable figure in the homegrown food scene is former cabin crew turned self-taught chef Gabriela Chamorro. Chef Gabriela saw her childhood dream come true when she began her underground dining experience, Girl and the Goose, inside her JBR apartment, four years ago.

Since then, it’s become a supper club sensation with a cult following and a wait list that is growing and growing. So much so, the Nicaraguan chef will soon join Dubai’s pioneering supper club chefs who have successfully transitioned from pop-ups to permanent restaurants.

While we can’t wait to visit Girl and the Goose’s next chapter, we knew we needed a seat at the table it all began… 

Serving elevated Nicaraguan food with a healthy twist, chef Gabriela artfully combines elevated family recipes with culinary inspirations and vivid tales from her global travels.

Gabriela welcomes us into her humble abode with a warm hug and a spicy passion fruit mezcalita. Taking our seats alongside eight strangers at the candlelit dinner table, we embrace the magic that comes with meeting new people in a bustling city and bonding over great food.

And, for chef and host Gabriela, it’s important that everyone around her table engages in fun, meaningful conversation. To kick the night in motion, she leaves us with a bunch of fun, conversation-starter questions that spark lively discussions while she heads into the open kitchen and begins to work her magic.

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From the outset, we’re completely immersed in Gabriela’s journey. Engaging and educational, intimate and inspiring, each dish is accompanied by a beautifully-told personal anecdote.

As part of the soulful feast, you’ll enjoy dishes such as the fresh seabass ceviche served with homemade lychee sorbet – an unexpected yet delightful combination with explosive bursts of flavour that transport us to a tropical paradise with each spoonful.

The plantain tempura is another standout dish where the crispiness of the tempura batter gives way to the soft and sweet interior of the ripe plantain balanced with the smokiness from the morita chilli and sweetness of date syrup. It’s a perfect balance of flavours and textures.

The comforting prawns and yuca gnocchi dish is a dreamy blend of richness and creaminess. The tender gnocchi, pan-fried with truffle oil, is swimming in a rich and aromatic prawn guiso, complemented by the saltiness of the pecorino cheese.

For dessert, the coconut flan bursts with creamy coconut richness, topped with homemade granola for a satisfying crunch, refreshing lemon pearls, and served with chef Gabriela’s miso ice cream for a surprising umami twist that dances on the palate.

Chef Gabriela’s personality and passion shine through in every aspect of the dining experience – from the faultless hosting to the innovative, memorable dishes.

Verdict: A feast for the eyes, a feast for the palate, and a feast for the soul. You’ll not only walk away with a happy and full belly, but a newfound knowledge for different cultures, friendships, and love for Nicaraguan cuisine. We wholeheartedly recommend Girl and the Goose and wait with bated breath for its evolution from a supper club to a full-fledged restaurant.

Dhs375 per person. @girl.and.the.goose

Images: Social/What’s On