Don’t put those umbrellas away just yet… 

Strong winds and rain hit several parts of the country including Abu Dhabi and Dubai from Friday morning onwards, with sparse drizzles, uncharacteristic winds, and gloomy skies all round.

The lowest recorded temperature so far this winter was felt in the mighty mountains of Jebel Jais early Sunday morning when temperatures plummeted to a sharp 3.4 degrees celsius.

And if you were thinking about putting your umbrella away this week, you might want to hold off, as we could see more rain this week.

What’s the forecast this week?

These precipitation predictions come straight from the offices of the National Centre of Meteorology, whose latest bulletin suggests that heavy rain high winds will hit parts on the UAE from Thursday, Feb 8 to Sunday, Feb 11.

The four-day forecast indicates that light rain will fall on Thursday with misty and foggy conditions on Friday morning. Wind speeds are expected to reach up to 45kph. By Saturday, it’s a fairer forecast with less chance of rain however Sunday will see an increase of cloud cover bringing with it scattered rainfall, lightning and thunder at times, with the possibility of hail over some areas.

Images: Getty