Effective from Friday, March 1…

Announced via the Road and Transport Authorities Twitter last night, the RTA announced that the use and carrying of e-scooters have been banned on the Dubai metro and tram services.


The news comes as a shock as many use e-scooters to complete their daily commute. In the Tweet, the RTA stated that the ban has come in to ensure the safety of those using public transport.

While the ban has been enforced on the metro and tram systems, there has been no indication if e-scooters have been banned on bus services.

Other transport updates

Although we are only two months into 2024, the RTA has implemented plenty of new transport rules, metro line updates and much more.

In January the RTA announced an update on the minimum top-up amount, commuters must top-up their Nol cards with a minimum of Dhs20 instead of Dhs5.

Keeping on the Nol cards, they also announced that the Nol card will be replaced with a brand new digital system. The new upgrade means that the Nol card-based ticketing system will now be an account-based digital ticketing system.

In November 2023, plans for the Dubai Metro Blue Line, initially proposed in 2006, were revitalised. The Blue Line will feature 14 stations including three interchange stations and will connect the existing Red and Green lines. Expected to be completed by 2029, the Blue Line will comprise of two main routes extending from the Red and Green lines and offering a direct link between Dubai International Airport

The RTA also announced that the Dubai Mall will have paid parking meters put in place. The payment will include a barrier-free system which will be put in place by Salik. It is expected to be rolled out in the third quarter of 2024.

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