Celebrate yoga, dance, healing and music at Kayan Wellness Festival…

Keen to better nourish your body, mind and spirit? Consider checking out Kayan Wellness Festival, which takes over Abu Dhabi’s crystalline Al Fahid Island from April 17 to 21. This five-day sunset festival promises a holistic experience that encompasses music, self-care, spirituality, and creativity.

An impressive line-up of decorated visionaries has been confirmed to attend the festival, and this includes thought leaders, clinical psychologists, spiritual guides, manifestation experts and music curators, among others, with each taking up a coveted slot in the vast programme of experiences housed within seven unique ‘wellness valleys’:

Alo Valley

The hub for globally-acclaimed visionaries, hear from international speakers and enjoy captivating performances by admired artists in Alo Valley. Confirmed speakers include clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali taking the stage on April 18, motivational speaker Amy Purdy, and AI expert Mo Gawdat on April 19, human biologist Gary Brecka on April 20, and rounding out with rapid transformational therapy, trainer Marisa Peer on April 21.

Inspiration Valley

Connect intimately with wellness experts and musicians sharing transformative stories at the Inspiration Valley. Esteemed speakers such as serial entrepreneur – and The Housewives of Dubai cast member – Sara Al Madani (April 17), cancer survivor Ramy Naouss (April 18) and nutritionist Mary Cristine (April 19) should certainly enrich the festival with their expert knowledge and insights.

Flow Valley

It’s all about movement and mindfulness at Flow Valley with fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, and dance guided by some of the country’s best instructors. Confirmed instructors include Laura Weston on April 17, Lisa De Narvaez on April 18, Cloe Sommadossi on April 20, and Melissa Ghattas on April 21.

Harmony Valley

An intimate sanctuary featuring sound healing and breathwork sessions, Harmony Valley promises relaxation guided by expert practitioners like Wim Hof Method Instructor Bechara El Khoury, who will host special workshops on April 18 and 19.

Zen Valley

Flop down on bean bags at Zen Valley and explore ancient wellness practices alongside modern techniques. Learn from Salama on April 17 and 18, Azadeh Issari on April 18 and 19, Omar Samra on April 19, and Mariam Al Qassimi on April 20 and 21 about how to achieve balance in your life.

Kids Valley

Tailored for children aged 6 to 12 years, Kids Valley offers sessions focused on gratitude, breathwork and creative expression.

Foodies Valley

No festival is complete without top-notch grub. Head to Foodies Valley to explore a variety of delicious and nutritious options.

Kayan Wellness Festival, Al Fahid Island, Abu Dhabi, April 17 to 21, day passes from Dhs444. @ticketmaster.ae, @kayanfestival